first time for almost everything

today i was arrested. right in broad daylight. in the most public places in town. in front of my own people. i actually ran from the cop, as soon as i saw him coming. i ran for shelter… to the stage on main street, where the people i work for hang out. my friends laughed at me, saying that i must be drunk, running from the cop. i made sure they didn’t have any open bottles with them at the moment.  i told them that he really was looking for me. he was coming to pick me up. they laughed at me, until they saw him driving around the back side of the stage and parking. he slowly got out of his vehicle and called my name out loud. my friends quickly dispersed a distance. i was informed that i was under arrest for abducting a homeless person. he had to take me in. the handcuffs came out and were placed on my wrists. he opened the back seat, and i got in. that was the weirdest feeling!  as one who is extremely claustrophobic, i never even thought about how much foot room there was in the back of a cop car. and the barrier between him and me was not pleasant either. he told me where he was taking me. my friends couldn’t believe it.

i quickly arrived at the cell, where there were six other inmates. some young,… well, all of them younger than me. and they were all male, one canine and five humans . a female officer put me in and locked the door. bail was set… $200…  proceeds went to Cops for Cancer. thankfully i had prepared a list of people i could call to bail me out, unfortunately i didn’t have a cell phone. a caring citizen lent me his, instructed me on how to use it, and i was off.


frantically phoning people on my list i remembered i had an appointment in 1 1/2 hours, which made my plea even more desperate. i noticed others in the cell just standing and waiting, one just lying on the floor (the canine). our mayor was also imprisoned. i mentioned that he must have had a much longer list of friends than i did, but he let me know that he wasn’t comfortable asking for money. after a while my friends from the stage appeared, laughing at me. the nerve! as i got further down my phone list i was getting a bit frantic. i even phoned a former employer (who had fired me) to ask for help. finally, i began seeing friendly faces approaching. friends, co-workers, and even a person who works with the same people i do, but at a different organization… and then a person from one of the businesses i deal with came waving some money and told me i was free to go… it was too hot for me to be in there. my bail was paid in full. all in half an hour. no one was letting me get out though. it took me a couple of minutes to realize i could just open the door.

i walked back to work, stopping by the stage to see who was there. everyone was laughing at me now. some had seen the action from down the alley. they couldn’t believe what had happened. i figured i was definitely treated a lot better than they all had been. they told me it was because i wasn’t drunk. i told them that although the circumstances weren’t the same, i now knew a bit of what they went through at various times in their hard lives. i had never been placed in a police car before. i had never had handcuffs on either. and i most certainly had never been arrested for anything, let alone abduction. but i did have the distinct feeling of being in uncomfortable places and small spaces, and at the mercy of others to help me out…… i don’t think i quit smiling the whole time!

i am so thankful that i have a heavenly Father who helps me out of uncomfortable places and situations. He is there for me when i am grieving losses that i have experienced when i was much younger. right now i have been re-living in my head times when i moved, or went to stay with people because my mom was being taken to various parts of the country because she was ill and my father had to work. i am re-living in my head the sad, long, and lonely months i spent in boarding school in a foreign country with people from different backgrounds and spiritual beliefs than i was brought up in. i am re-living all the years where my family lived half-way around the world from me. when i couldn’t phone them and there were no computers. and the reason i am re-living these thoughts is because my daughter is moving away to school… and she is planning her wedding. i am grieving. not for her, but for me.

i am so thankful for the people in my life who are trying to understand why this is so hard for me. thankful for those who are giving me space to grieve. thankful for those who are offering up words of experience and wisdom. i am thankful for those who are filling up some of my time, so i don’t just isolate myself. i am thankful for a husband who is allowing me to heal through this hurting time. i am thankful for a son who makes me laugh when i do not think there is anything to laugh about. i am thankful for a future son-in-law who has turned my girl’s world upside-down and right-side up again, who has shown her love, and is planning his future with her… and will love her despite her weirdly absurd family! and tonight, i am thankful to God for my beautiful daughter, who brightened my life from the moment i knew she was… she is true to her name.. a light in this world… Candle. enjoy your new adventures. i am so very proud of you!


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hello, my name is dawn and i have been married for 33 years. hubby and i have two grown children. our family has lived in smithers, bc canada since march 17, 2001. i love GOD, plants and cats and my husband (not necessarily in that order)... and my kids, their partners and our first grandson. i am an mk (missionary’s kid). i graduated in kenya… a long time ago! (1980) i love cats and kittens! we have two. Our oldest is a three year old Ragdoll who goes by the name Bailey. she has some Siamese tendencies, such as selective talking and a bit of her special temperament. she prefers the indoors, but does get pushed outside every-once in a while. being that she has one eye that is crossed (a condition called strabismus) means we have never seen her successfully catch a bunny, bat, bird, mole, or even a moth, fly, or mosquito. i have forgotten to mention that if bailey's water bowl has a piece of her food fall in, she will not drink from it. however, she thinks nothing of starting her meal without ... shall I correctly say... she thinks nothing of starting our meal without us taking our portions first, yogurt, cheese and sour cream are her preferred cuisine. she gets away without having any manners. she is definitely our cuddliest cat in all our years together, yet she can be quite the bully with our other cat. miss myu (pronounced Miss Mew) arrived when she was 6 weeks old, which was a few months before we got bailey. looking at her I believe she is a Siberian cat, without it being official. She is rarely indoors, unless it’s night time in the coldest nights of winter. She has brought us some of her hunted creatures to show off. she likes to lick my skin and most of the time prefers to have her own space. Thankfully both of these mid-long haired beauties only need to be groomed a couple of times a week. and we have gotten into being fish owners in the last couple of years. we have a 20 gallon tank with a monstrous plecosstomus (pleco), a mini mexican orange lobster (crayfish), two apple snails, a mystery snail, four beautifully coloured male guppies, two multi coloured mollies, three baby ember tetras, a loach and a large miniature freshwater clam. i really enjoy reading, preferring fiction and biographical. unfortunately my eyes and a drastically declining lack of concentration have kept me from it for a number of years since I have given up reading I have taken up rescuing orchids, which did wonderfully until we moved into our basement suite, so have finally settled on all things colourful! i currently am a bookkeeper for a few small businesses, where i now work remotely, from home. i previously blogged at: at the time i was going through a very rough period in my life. since that time i have undergone what i can only explain as a “Spiritual Heart Transplant”. i have begun to share my story with the public and have found that to be strengthening as well. i would love for you to follow me along on my journey, make a comment, or two… or three so i can get to know you too. hopefully i can be a blessing to you. thank you for your time. d

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6 thoughts on “first time for almost everything”

  1. I’m happy I gave you a new experience today. However uncomfortable….it still put a big smile on your face (and on mine 😉 ). And remember, your daughter is starting a new chapter in your life, which means that you are too. That’s all this is. So keep smilin’ girl, you’ve still got lots of love in your life ❤

    1. i think it was the most enjoyable afternoon i have had in a very long time! thanks for your kind words also. i will always try to keep smiling. life is just too hard without it.

  2. This was lovely.<3

    I've also been in the back of a cop car. For much different reasons though.

    We were in Bella Coola, and mom forgot to pay the car insurance, so it expired past one day. The cop pulled us over on my birthday, while we were on the way to my birthday party. I had a cake in my lap and everything. The cop said he couldn't let us go any further. But when I batted my eyelashes and said it was my 16th birthday, he said he could give us a ride to my party.

    So we piled me, my cake, and my dog into the boxed-in backseat of the cop car. I instantly felt like a criminal, hah.

    When we pulled up, all of my friends said, "What did she do NOW?" It's a pretty great memory. But I also remember feeling slightly afraid because I was not totally legitimately in Canada yet at that point… 😉

  3. wow…. Dawn, you are an amazing writer!!! You had me all the way until “Proceeds went to Cops for Cancer”… My heart is with you in letting go of your daughter and gaining a son…. I am praying for your healing and peace. No one can understand our walk. I have learned that so many times. We all have such different pasts, even if some events are similar; and we all process information and experiences so differently, even if we have some similarities in personality…. we are each unique and we deserve to be accepted in that way. No one can understand, but we can often empathize and, most important of all, listen and love and trust our Lord to give us wisdom when to speak and when to shut up!! 🙂 God bless you and your growing family, Dawn!!

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